Below is a small gallery of my paintings or visit The Groosh Wall by clicking here. The Groosh Wall is my feature gallery at 8080 Grand St., Dexter, Michigan.

Porsche 356
Acrylic on canvas


Sailing Off Into The World Acrylic on canvas 2013
Sailing Off Into The World
Acrylic on canvas

Bulleit Rye Bourbon Acylic on canvas 2012
Bulleit Rye Whiskey
Acylic on canvas

"Vs. Nature" Black White Red Series Acrylic on canvas 1997
Vs. Nature
Black White Red Series
Acrylic on canvas

Piano Acrylic on canvas 1996
Acrylic on canvas

Flowers Black White Red Series Acrylic on canvas 1997
Black White Red Series
Acrylic on canvas

Coastal Tree Acrylic on canvas 2012
Coastal Tree
Acrylic on canvas

Fireworks Black White Red Series Acrylic on canvas 1996
Black White Red Series
Acrylic on canvas

Candles Acrylic on canvas 1998
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

Bulleit Apple
Acrylic on canvas




Building websites is more of a hobby than a career but how can I help? I’ll build you anything you want. I was first team all state, I’ll make it rain out here. (Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers)

I like to help friends, entrepreneurs and small shops regardless of a client’s budget. I put a life-long marketing career and degree (see LinkedIn profile) into every project with a deep understanding of branding, artistic expression and website construction/navigation. My main web experience comes from managing:

  • Kia Motors ground-up interactive kiosk redesign for dealerships 
  • Honda interactive dealership network and customer units
  • Subaru and Mercedes-Benz national dealer website programs

I’m easy to work with and build platforms on the owner’s web account which I can set up if they don’t have one. That way the client owns everything, has 24/7 access and can give login credentials to anyone. So essentially if I get hit by a bus, you didn’t need me anyway. 

  • If you want to handle your own maintenance and updates after I build you a website, I’ll teach you how to do it.
  • If you want to trade for my services instead of cash out of pocket, let me know what you got.
  • If you want me to craft a pitch deck and financial projections for your startup or develop turnaround, market or growth strategies, I can do that too.

Pictured below in no particular order, but newer ones are up top, are some past and present clients. Many images are linked to the live sites, the Way Back Machine or a “more info” page.

Erratic Ale needed a clean and simple website that they would ultimately manage. They built their business from scratch, they weren’t afraid to take on managing a website. After I built the site using their existing GoDaddy account and WordPress, they tweaked photos and text. The key to this project was locking down the site with an “Are you 21?” gateway.

Stephen Cramer and I partnered up when he needed a site to secure a supplier contract for racing parts soon after leasing his first shop. He struck out on his own and went from working in his garage to 1,500 sq ft. to 5,000 sq. ft in a few years time. He is now one of the premier Porsche and German auto mechanics in southeast Michigan. In exchange for my work, he fixed my car.

An old college friend called me in a pinch to build and launch a new website before their first annual Seattle wine tasting event. They only had a few weeks and they needed to switch hosting providers and there wasn’t any money. But they manage to pass along two cases of wine for my efforts. Yeah buddy.

This shopping portal for “Reconditioned Early Porsche Parts” was built in an effort to sell the inventory I had been collecting. I used dramatic photography to show off the quality of the parts. However in the end it became too much work to update this site and post on eBay and the forums. Those sites received way more traffic and had better sell through rates than my startup site. Highlight of the venture: Bob Lutz bought a carburetor part through my site.

Penni Jones is an author and friend who needed a little help cleaning up her blog in exchange for a whiskey and a smile. Who had two thumbs and an empty rocks glass? This guy.

This was a ground up, shopping portal build on a Joomla platform with secure credit card and PayPal checkout. It also included re-branding almost everything Will Pringle’s business touched: print ads, inventory photos, price lists, newsletters. We collaborated on everything as I took his well done marketing efforts and gave them a fresh coordinated, consistent presentation. The business ultimately went quiet with the recession of 2008.
My painting on display at the shop.

This home owners association website was run by a wonderful woman who passed away. They needed a “tech guy” so I donated my services to build a new site from the ground up including secure member only areas.

Jack Riddell and I met on the lawn at the Concorso Italiano through Aaron Robinson back in 2008. They needed a new website for their club. As a car guy, I couldn’t resist volunteering to help Lamborghini owners. While I’m still credited in the About Us on the current site, I did not build their latest version having left California in 2010.

Link to the website I built (and pictured above) with a simple yet elegant way to emphasize different models of Lamborghinis, turning the photo from B&W to color.

In 2009, I built a shopping version of Skier Quest’s website pictured above for my cousin before he sold the business to his partner. Their previous site was HTML links, pics and text on a page. So making the jump to bold imagery in a contrasting B&W layout with rotating image gallery helped solidify the company as a real player in the market that is still in business as of 2019.

As a previous owner of a 1966 912 and a web guy, I thought it would be fun to build my own site dedicated to the marque. I called it the 912 Anthology. I tried to load it up with everything one would need to know about 912s: Racing, History, Tech Specs, Carburetor Overview plus the site would search for current “for sale” listings and news and display it with links.

The Groosh Wall at 8080

One of the last restored 1940s factories in downtown Dexter, Michigan has become the home for my artwork. Click here for more photos and details of the building as it went through restoration.


The Groosh Wall is an ongoing artwork display at 8080 Grand Street. Featured artwork will hang for about a month of which the first art rotation coincided with Erratic Ale’s opening in August 2020. They are our building neighbor. Each Wall will be memorialized here.

September 2020 – October 2020

Black White Red
October 2019 – September 2020

Black White Red series began with thoughts back to Ansel Adams’ photography. You know the landscape photographer and environmentalist known for his black-and-white images of the American West. In my day, it was a rare college house that didn’t have a framed poster of his work adorning a hand-me-down couch or bedroom wall. His photography was beautiful.  

Fast forward to my painting in black and white, shades traditionally associated with old school photography, and then add something that Ansel didn’t or maybe even couldn’t. Add a touch of color – Red. Red being a symbol for warning, danger, stop, passion, love. Each one of these paintings tells a story and the key driver in that story is wrapped up in the color Red.

Paintings from left to right:

Vs. Nature – When living in Laguna Beach in the late 90s, we were inundated with rain from El Niño. Laguna Canyon was closed for almost a week before and after mud slides. All the signs from nature were there, don’t build in these areas, don’t push development towards the shoreline, water and the ocean are relentless. “Vs. Nature” paints the picture of our incessant drive to compete against nature with a simple buoy warning us: Go back, you will eventually lose.

Ships – The story of corporate greed at the expense of their employees and the environment they feed off. Companies get fat off the land. And like ships through the oceans they effortlessly plow their way through their surroundings, bleeding the world around them to further their bottom line. Take down that ship and three more are waiting in its wake to take its place.  

The Road – My highly regarded, soul enriching drives across the country through the mountains, plains and cities. All the while listening to music on the radio. 

Press Tribute Art Car

Please click here for all the details on my 1978 Porsche 928 Press Tribute Art Car created in 2012. It’s on my other website Groosh’s Garage which requires another click and jump to a new page.

Groosh’s Garage

I wrote a blog for 10 years at

To learn more about my car career, current and past project cars plus the parts I’ve restored along the way you can noodle through the above link.