A Breakthrough Pricing Model for Up and Coming Artists

Whether you view art online, in a gallery or on the walls while chomping a salad, understanding why an artist reached their price eludes most of us. What may seem reasonable to you may seem outlandish to another. If an artist prices their work too low, they risk undercutting themselves, or worse, create a negative image around cheap work. Price it too high and you may turn off buyers, find a hard sell or stunt your reputation.

The Groosh FactorTM (designed and built by me) rids ambiguity from artwork pricing and attempts to base it in everyday, relatable factors. An up and coming artist can now justify their price with hard costs. Most importantly, ask the client to cover those irrefutable expenses plus pay a premium based on market labor rates. This all but eliminates the: “well I think it’s cool but I don’t know if it’s worth that” conversation.