Building websites is more of a fun hobby than a career. I like to help friends, entrepreneurs and small shops regardless of a client’s budget. I put a life-long marketing career and degree (see LinkedIn profile) into every project with a deep understanding of branding, artistic expression and website construction.

  • If you want to handle maintenance and updates after a website is built, I’ll teach you how to fish.
  • If you want to trade for my services instead of cash out of pocket, let me know what you got.
  • If you want me to craft a pitch deck and financial projections for your startup or develop turnaround, market or growth strategies, I can do that too.

Pictured below are some live clients . I’ve also worked and built sites for:

  • Classic & Speed Parts – Will Pringle’s Porsche parts company/shopping site located in California
  • Porsche Portal – my own shopping site for reconditioned Porsche parts
  • Blue Zebra – a classic blues rock band I used to manage while living in Los Angeles
  • Skierquest – ski race equipment
Jack Riddell and I met on the lawn at the Concorso Italiano through Aaron Robinson. They needed a new website for their club. As a car guy, I couldn’t resist volunteering to help Lamborghini owners. While I’m still credited in the About Us on the site, I did not build their latest version after leaving California in 2010.
Stephen Cramer and I partnered up when he needed a site to secure a supplier contract for racing parts soon after leasing his first shop. In exchange he fixed my car.
An old college friend called me in a pinch to launch a new website before their first annual Seattle wine tasting event. There wasn’t any money coming from the non-profit organization but they manage to pass along two cases of wine. Yeah buddy.
Penni Jones is an author and friend who needed a little help cleaning up her blog in exchange for a whiskey and a smile. Who had two thumbs and an empty rocks glass? This guy.
Ivory Hammer is a company in development by a good friend. The website is placeholder right now.
This home owners association website was run by a wonderful woman who passed away. They needed a “tech guy” so I donated my services to build a new site from the ground up.