1978 Porsche 928 Press Tribute Art Car I wanted to bring an inventive design to my favorite marque without compromising the value of an original paint car, which this was not. Keeping it close to stock for a factory experience was also important. Through years of thinking and planning the inspiration would come from something that isn’t as obvious as painting the car a la the BMW art cars which I love. It would instead come from the influence of thousands of car magazines I’ve read since I was a teenager growing up outside Detroit.
By using the car’s 40+ year heritage and launch press articles to propel this concept, I gave the 928 the ability to “speak,” rather brag about itself, after gesturing come look at me. I felt it needed to tell the story of why Porsche’s success and their product line diversity demanded they devote an unheard of $200 million out of their $600 Deutschmark annual sales budget in 1974 to the development of the 928.

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