1978 Porsche 928 Press Tribute Art Car
I wanted to bring an inventive design to my favorite marque without compromising the value of an original paint car, which this was not. Keeping it close to stock for a factory experience was also important. Through years of thinking and planning the inspiration would come from something that isn’t as obvious as painting the car a la the BMW art cars which I love. It would instead come from the influence of thousands of car magazines I’ve read since I was a teenager growing up outside Detroit.

By using the car’s 40+ year heritage and launch press articles to propel this concept, I gave the 928 the ability to “speak,” rather brag about itself. The gesture to come look at me is rewarded by photo copies of seven magazine articles from ’77 and ’78, scanned, retouched into B&W, printed on bumper sticker material then hand laid over the entire car. The press loved it. But I felt the car needed to tell the story of why Porsche’s success and their product line diversity demanded they devote an unheard of $200 million out of their $600 Deutschmark annual sales budget in 1974 to the development of the 928.

See full development, press coverage and forum feedback at my automotive website Groosh’s Garage

1972 Porsche 911T What About Salt?
When you live in cold climates, it’s typical to use salt to melt snow and ice on roads. The inevitability of rusted cars came to follow. Putting aside any collusion by the Big 3 to use Detroit salt mines to further the decay of American iron to push new car sales, it feels every car owner and particularly enthusiasts pay the price. It hurts to even think about driving during the winter.

But what about the environment?

This 911 will be a rolling sculpture and indictment of an estimated 20 million metric tons of Sodium Chloride (NaCl), salt, spread on US roads each year.* Ever wonder where it ends up? Ever see beautiful lakes road avoid using salt and wonder why? What is happening to chloride that washes into our ground, streams and lakes? What about the waste of rusted out cars when mechanically they still have life adding to the drain of more natural resources metal, glass, plastics and rubber for new car production.

This sculpture is not finished but work has begun. What you see are pre-purchase photos. Stay tuned in 2024 for more to come.