Where are the Paintings?


The following list of works are in private collections. In some cases, the duplicate titles were painted specifically for the client based on originals still held by the artist.

Black White Red Location Owner
Flowers Sacramento, CA Nikki Angle
Flowers Alexandria, VA Monica Grusche
Two paintings – Trees Los Angeles, CA Erica Yocum
Trees Los Angeles, CA Russ Harper
Flowers Lake Forest, CA Chris Coons
Flowers Los Angeles, CA SB
Flowers Dexter, MI Penni Jones
Swirling Thoughts West Bloomfield, MI John Honas
Castles Alexandria, VA Monica Grusche
One Tree Hill New York, NY Teresa Farnell
Red Candles Bellingham, WA Todd Elsworth
One Tree Hill (small) Hollywood, CA Gia Nelson
Gold Forest Bloomfield Hills, MI Sandy Grusche
Seattle Skyline Seattle, WA Cory Brown
Chicago Skyline New York, NY Stephanie Taylor
Searching From Inside Seattle, WA Shauna Spencer
Celestine Prophecy Michigan Diane, The Lodge