Artist, Marketer, Car Guy

Paul "Groosh" Grusche has never been able to stand conventional prosperity, so fulfilling achievements in corporatist environs were destined to give way to the financially maddening pursuit of a career in arts and letters. He taught himself how to paint, founded a car magazine, photographed hundreds of cars, built self-taught websites—good ones—and managed a band in LA; he partnered in a hemp company in Seattle in the mid-90s and last but not least, has always, always been a grease monkey.

Paul Grusche (pronounced grew-shay), nickname Groosh since high school. was founded in 1996.

Groosh's Garage

A deft dose of affordable classic car opportunities plus my persistent Porsche projects.

See my car and part restorations under "About Us" and follow my blog.

Project 8080

See the restoration of the last remaining factory built in the 1940's in downtown Dexter, Michigan. A small sliver of it is the home of the Groosh Gallery.